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Billing Information

As a patient at Ouachita County Medical Center, we care about you and want to help you understand our billing process.  The best action you can take as a patient is to ensure that your billing information is accurate and we have the correct and current information about you.  This information should include:

  • Your name/address/telephone number
  • The name/address/telephone number of the person responsible for the bill
  • The name of your insurance company, group number, plan numbers and other identification numbers
  • Claims filing address and your insurance company’s telephone number
  • Your emergency contact's phone name/ telephone number/address

Please bring your most current insurance cards to every visit.

If you have any questions regarding your bill, please call the hospital's main line (870-836-1000) and request to speak to the billing department.

OCMC has a Charity Care Policy. Please call or visit the Financial Counselor at 870-836-1209, located in the Business Office, for more information. You can also view our Financial Assistance Policy, Financial Assistance Policy- Plain Language Summary, and Financial Assistance Policy- Application.

Price Transparency

For any questions about services offered by OCMC, please contact 870-836-1405. Further, the informational cost estimates may not include certain physician charges (e.g. office visit, surgeon, anesthesiologist, emergency room physician, radiologist, pathologist, consulting physicians, etc.).

In accordance with the Hospital Price Transparency Final Rule, shoppable services may be found below.  The Pricing Estimator also includes a download of standard charges.

Click on the following link:

        Pricing Estimator

Hospital Charges

Hospitals must make available a list of their current standard charges via the Internet in a machine-readable format at least annually.

Charges vary from hospital to hospital and should not be used to estimate actual cost.  Many factors can change the actual cost including contractual adjustments with payers.

Click here to download the Standard Charges in XLSX format