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Imaging Services

Welcome to the Imaging Department at Ouachita County Medical Center!

Our cutting-edge facilities boast the latest in medical imaging technology, ensuring precise diagnoses and exceptional patient care. Here's what sets us apart:

•    3D Mammography: Offering clearer images for early detection and commitment to women's health.
•    Dedicated Mammography Unit: Commitment to women's health.
•    80-Slice CT Scanner: Equipped with angiographic protocols for detailed vascular imaging.
•    DEXA-Bone Density Unit: Assessing bone health and detecting osteoporosis.
•    MRI: Providing detailed insights into soft tissue conditions.
•    Nuclear Medicine: Examining metabolic processes with accuracy.
•    Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy: Advanced imaging techniques for comprehensive diagnostics.
•    Modern Ultrasound Equipment: Including doppler, obstetric, and vascular procedures.

At Ouachita County Medical Center, we prioritize your health and well-being. Trust us for exceptional imaging services tailored to your needs.

All imaging modalities are fully integrated with a PACS and Radiology Information System.

If you are scheduled for a radiological examination, bring admission paperwork with you to Admissions upon your arrival. Some exams require that you fast (go without food and any liquids, except water, after midnight the night before). Ask your doctor for instructions. Please notify the x-ray department if there is a chance that you might be pregnant. If you have any questions or cannot make your appointment, please call (870) 836-1220.