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Our mission is to support Ouachita County Medical Center's mission to provide the community with accessible, personal, and quality health care. We achieve this by offering a wide variety of services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Cardiopulmonary Care Department is a combined Respiratory, Cardiology, and Neurology department that provide complete quality cardiopulmonary services for patients, physician, employees, and our community. We are committed to the ongoing development of a state-of-the-art Cardiopulmonary Department. We further commit to meeting the educational needs of our staff and creating a work environment that builds a positive morale.

About Our Department

The Cardiopulmonary Department provides services that are prescribed by a physician for the assessment, diagnostic evaluation, treatment, management, and monitoring of patients with deficiencies of abnormalities of cardiopulmonary function.

Cardiopulmonary Care Objectives

  • To meet the needs of our patients by providing safe, comprehensive patient care
  • To maintain a caring attitude
  • To protect legal aspects of patient care
  • To maintain accurate and comprehensive records
  • To maintain a continuing education in-service program for cardiopulmonary staff
  • Respect everyone

Cardiopulmonary Care Services Provide

The Cardiopulmonary Department provides the following services to the patients at Ouachita County Medical Center:

  • Arterial Blood Gas Complete Testing
  • Capillary Blood Gases
  • Hand-Held Nebulizer Treatments
  • Pulmonary Function Screening
  • Pulse-Oximetry Trending
  • Chest Physiotherapy
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Oxy-Hood Set-Ups
  • Meter Dose Inhalers Incentive Spirometry
  • Continuous Mechanical Ventilation/Adult/Neonate
  • Weaning Parameters
  • Nasal Tracheal Suctioning
  • BIPAP/CPAP Therapy
  • Induced Sputum
  • Flutter Valve Therapy
  • EKG
  • Echo
  • Holter/Event Monitoring
  • Stress Testing
  • EEG
  • Sleep Lab
  • NCV Testing 

If your doctor has ordered respiratory therapy, be sure to bring those orders with you. You will need to go to Admission upon arriving at the hospital, before going to Respiratory. If you have any questions or need to change your appointment time, please call (870) 836-1316.