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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

March 12, 2020


In light of growing public health concerns, Ouachita County Medical Center (OCMC) is actively instituting health and safety measures to prevent and respond to the potential for Coronavirus exposure in our community.

Local and state efforts to ensure public safety are being developed with information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  Updates from the CDC and state officials are being monitored daily.

Until further notice all patients presenting to OCMC with signs of respiratory illness are being provided with masks to minimize the spread of all respiratory infections. Staff will be inquiring about travel history or exposure to someone that has traveled.  If staff become concerned about a patient’s potential exposure to coronavirus, the CDC guidelines for preventing spread of the illness will be followed. 

We are asking that patients presenting to OCMC only bring one family member with them in order to reduce exposure to others.  OCMC will be limiting access to the building and all outside meetings will be cancelled until further notice.

We cannot stress enough the importance of practicing these simple habits:

  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing

  • Wash your hands often with soap and warm water

  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer

  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes

  • Avoid large crowds

    If you are concerned about symptoms please do not immediately go to the ER or ExpressCare.  Contact your PCP and follow their advice.  If you are unable to reach your PCP please contact the ER at 870-836-1219 or ExpressCare at 870-836-5013 before arrival, as there is currently no treatment for the Coronavirus.  Hospital care is for the critically ill only.

    If you have any further questions please contact our call-in line at 870-836-1440.

    Thank you

    Peggy L. Abbott