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Chemical Dependency Unit

Chemical Dependency Unit/ Substance Abuse

The 23-bed facility has a reputation for excellence in the treatment of chemical dependency. Opened in 1985, we have built our reputation by providing quality care through the expertise of a highly trained staff.

The results are evidenced by our alumni and their success stories. Ouachita’s treatment model blends the best attributes of the medical/behavioral, family systems and the 12-step addiction recovery models. Our treatment team, which includes a medical director as well as registered nurses, clinical psychologist, consulting psychiatrist, certified substance abuse counselors, licensed chemical dependency counselors, clinical nutritionist, activities assistants and a certified employee assistance professional, develops an individualized treatment plan to meet the unique needs of each patient. It is a safe, supportive and environmentally therapeutic place for patients to address the issues related to their disease and start on the road to recovery.

Services available include: intervention, medical detoxification, educational therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, aftercare, employee assistance, partial hospitalization, psychological evaluation, psychiatric evaluation and physical examinations.

The inpatient program is individualized and usually last 1-4 weeks. The patient’s evaluation includes a complete physical examination, medical history and laboratory tests. Treatment includes 24-hour nursing care; detoxification (when necessary); physician services; individual, group and family care as well as aftercare. Before the patient is discharged from treatment, a recovery plan is developed for the patient and the family. This plan will call for involvement with support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Al-Anon (for family members). The plan will also include free aftercare programs at Ouachita and various other sites.

The program at Ouachita helps patients develop a motivation to maintain total abstinence from mood-altering chemicals and develop a personal support system that will promote life-long health and productivity. To help accomplish this, we offer a free Aftercare group to patients and their families following completion of the treatment program. This support group is an important adjunct to AA/NA to assist the chemically dependent person in making a successful return to the home, community and work.

We are licensed by the state of Arkansas, and hold memberships both in the American and Arkansas Hospital Associations. Affordable treatment for employers, employees, and family members is made possible through coverage by most major commercial insurance companies.

Admission to Ouachita is a simple process. A counselor is available 24 hours a day for assistance and to answer any questions. All inquiries are confidential. For further information or to speak with a counselor call: (870) 836-1289 or (800) 232-1289.  

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