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In the EYES of our Patients

~Compliments from our patients and their family members~

"They were very nice." - April-2022

"They were supportive and worked with best intentions for my health and treatment.  They would even pray for me when I requested it." - April-2022    

"Thanks so much for taking care of me. May God bless and bless hands to take care of some one use.  Thanks." - March-2022    

"Great nurse in *Natalie, RN in ICU." - March-2022    

"It was very pleasant.  They were so very nice to me." - March-2022    

"Couldn't have been better!  Fantastic care." - February-2022    

"Excellent experience." - February-2022    

"Very concerned very thorough." - February-2022    

"The nurses, respiratory & staff on the 300 wing of the hospital were the best of any hospital that I have ever experienced.  They ALL need to be recognized!" - January-2022  

"The doctor assigned to me, forgot none, all excellent & great bedside manner and really seemed sincere about my health." - December-2021

"The nurses responded pretty good for how busy they were.  Was pleased with the care. CNA was excellent too!" - December-2021  

"I think everyone worked together to get me up and about so I could get home.  I'm pleased with care I recd." - December-2021 

"The staff made me feel special.  Showed great concern about my care. " - December-2021  

"My hospital was amazing, he kept me in the loop and always listened to my concerns." - November-2021   

"Staff was awesome." - November-2021    

"*Dr. Cothern is an amazing doctor." - November-2021  

"Very nice people.  Loved my stay." - November-2021  

"The nurses were all very polite, friendly, & helpful.  They took very good care of me." - November-2021    

"My nurses were a 10+ very friendly nice, took real good care of me." - November-2021   

"I had everything I needed for my care & comfort." - October-2021    

"Everybody was great.  Couldn't ask for no better." - September-2021   

"Each staff member and nurse I encountered was kind and compassionate and thoughtful of my comfort." - September-2021   

"*Dr. Smith was absolutely amazing during the entire time." - August-2021  

"*Dr. Jones was very nice!" - August-2021   

"*Dr. Martin was wonderful." - August-2021    

"The ER nurses & the night nurses were the best." - August-2021  

 "Very good nursing staff." - July-2021    

"Will never go anywhere else." - July-2021  

"Thanks to *Janet, *Melody, *Angela *Sonya, *Takeshia, *Shannon, *Brittany and *Amy. I love them all! Also any names that I missed." - May-2021  

"The person that cleaned my was very polite, and very good at her job, and very fast." - March-2021

"They took all my worries and needs into consideration." - March-2021    

"All my nurses were great!  Took great care of us all the whole stay." - March-2021    

"The food was very good, hot and was on time." - March-2021    

"My doctors came in to see me every morning, and was very open to my thoughts & concerns, and always explained things so that I understood them." - March-2021    

"Over all Ouachita Co. Medical Center was very good and yes I DO RECOMMEND." - March-2021    

"My nurses were always very polite and was always concerned about my well being.  Very good staff." - March-2021    

"I love all my nurses.  They were polite, considerate, and friendly.  I had a wonderful L&D experience! " - March-2021    

"*Jordan, *Alex and *Mrs. Bea made me feel better emotionally & physically." - March-2021    

"The best hospital stay I've ever had." - March-2021    

"*Dr. Martin the greatest." - March-2021    

"Food was very good." - March-2021    

"*Dr. Henriksen, was good. I would tell family and friends if they need to go to a hospital you guys would be the one. If I had to come again I would." - February-2021    

"Their were 2 young ladies that took me to exray and they were guardian angels, made my day." - January-2021    

"Excellent bedside concerns, professional. " - January-2021    

"Nurses where great." - January-2021    

"Outstanding.  Thank you for taking care of me.  Thank the staff in COVID floor -" - January-2021    

"Nurses were outstanding." - January-2021    

"All doctors were outstanding if I need to go back to a hospital I will come to OCMC" - January-2021

"Overall, I had a very pleasant stay with excellent care." - January-2021    

"*Dr. Massenelli is awesome!  *Dr. Martin is great too." - January-2021    

"The care that I received from all the staff was very good. " - January-2021    

"All staff A+. " - January-2021    

"Everything was wonderful!" - December-2020    

"*Dr. Jones & *Dr. Henriksen were both very nice. " - November-2020    

"*Dr. Henriksen - many stars!!!" - November-2020    

"*Dr. Smith kept me informed the whole time I was there." - November-2020    

"The staff was awesome!!!" - October-2020    

"*Dr. Martin was awesome!!!" - October-2020    

"*Dr. Dan Martin was very caring and informative.  I felt like he really cared. " - September-2020    

"I liked most all of the food.  It was seasoned well.  " - September-2020    

"#1. I love *Dr. Martin!" - September-2020    

"*Dr. Martin is very kind." - September-2020    

"Very attentive and caring staff." - September-2020    

"The nurses all were very caring." - September-2020    

"Explained everything." - September-2020    

"Excellent facility and staff would recommend to others and will use again." - September-2020    

"*Dr. Jones was very attentive & thorough - Took care of me." - September-2020    

"Very concerned about patient needs & wants." - September-2020    

"Room was always nice.  Clean and cool - Comfortable." - September-2020    

"Loved the cleaning staff." - September-2020    

"Wonderful nurses." - September-2020    

"Very friendly and was checked on by others that were part of my surgery - felt cared for by staff." - September-2020    

"Excellent nurses, doctors, RT was amazing!  Cath team was awesome to watch, ran like a very well oiled-machine." - August-2020    

"Very good nurses!  " - August-2020    

"The nursing staff and the general help was extremely, extremely helpful." - July-2020    

"My hospital stay there was probably the best I've ever been.  They did a excellent job, I was well pleased, and I would recommend that hospital to anybody." - June-2020    

"I was well pleased with my visit at the hospital.  " - June-2020    

"They took good care of me.  I was treated real nice down there." - May-2020

"The hospital was good.  I'd recommend it to anybody, it was a good hospital.  " - March-2020    

"Ouachita County Medical Center done great with me.  They had me in and out of there in no time.  The hospital staff was polite and nice and courteous.   " - February-2020    

"It is a very good hospital." - January-2020    

"Very good... I appreciated everything they done for me because they was good as gold to me the whole time I was there." - November-2019    

"They was always good to me.  They treated me real nice and I love em for that.  Thank you." - October-2019    

"I received excellent 100% satisfactory care during my stay at Ouachita Medical Center.  Thanks." - October-2019    

"I had excellent care and excellent rooming, excellent food. My overall stay was just more than anybody would expect in a hospital. I appreciate everyone that assisted in my care. " - June-2019  

"I said I was quite satisfied with my stay at the Ouachita County Medical Center.  " - June-2019    

"I would just like to say that I was very well taken care of. Each and every nurse did their job and may me feel comfortable. I really have no complaints as to this visit at the hospital." - April-2019  

"The staff was extremely helpful and friendly and I felt as though I was in the best of hands." - April-2019    

"I didn't have any bad experiences.  They were excellent.  I got excellent treatment there." - April-2019    

"They were all real nice to me." - February-2019    

"I was, my stay was just perfect.  I would even rate everybody and everything all 10 and I would definitely would want to come back again if I had to.  Thank you." - February-2019    

"... a good job at what they do.  Yeah.  They're doing a good job especially the ambulance drivers.  I was very pleased." - January-2019    

"The staff and the people, nurses, doctors they have been real helpful and they were concerned about my health.  And they did the best they could to correct all the problems that I was having. "  January-2019    

"All of my experiences was very good." - January-2019    

"Care excellent care.  Alright I had successful replacement of my knee, the surgery went well, the surgeon done a excellent job.  The doctor that took care of me was there every morning every afternoon to check on me.  The nursing care was superb, excellent.  The care was good.  My therapist done a wonderful job with my surgery and my rehab and I have no complaints about the Ouachita Medical Hospital.  They done a fine, fabulous job on me. I was well pleased.  Thank you." - December-2018    

"It was very good we're lucky to have it and I was very happy that we had it and I would say superior." - December-2018    

"There was nothing bad about there was nothing bad about the stay it was the best hospital stay I have ever had." - December-2018    

"I think I had a very good experience there.  I think I had a very good it was a very good happening for me." - November-2018    

"The hospital done me a real good job.  Got me well.  " - October-2018    

"Good experience, I had good experience at Ouachita Medical Center, and I just enjoyed everything they did. They were just so nice and kind to me. I said, you all are just so nice to me, and I enjoyed it." - August-2018    

"Everything was all good, they are good people. They took well good care of me and my wife. They are good." - August-2018    

" I was very impressed with everyone that I came into contact with, before, and after my surgery. From the pre-registration to the nurse that wheeled me out, to my ride afterwards, The Doctor is a true professional and has gained my trust & respect. I thank each and everyone of you".- April 2016

"I would like to thank everyone in your Radiology Department. Every time I have come there, and I have been there many times, I have always had a great experience. They just have an awesome team." - January 2016

"Everything was handled with perfection." - November 2015

"I just want to thank everyone for the wonderful care I received while I was a patient in the Intensive Care Unit. God Bless you All."- October 2015

"The complete staff took very good care of me. I would definitely recommend OCMC to others who are in need of medical care".- October 2015"

"They have one of the best surgical teams in the state of Arkansas". - Sept 2015

"The nursing staff was wonderful,she listened to my fear of IV needles and that reduced my anxiety tremendously. The highlight of my visit was the awesome care and dialogue that I shared with the nurse, she was amazing". -Sept 2015

"Thanks to all Hospital Staff who were involved in my procedure, Everything seemed to go very smoothly before, during and after my visit".-August 2015

"The Dr. and his entire staff were awesome, what a great team! We are so thankful for their quick response". -August 2015

"The nursing staff in all areas were very nice, friendly,  and helpful. Thank you." August 2015.

"All of the nurses were so nice and courteous, they were very concerned about me. I like the way they worked together to make sure you have everything you need. Awesome job".- June 2015.

"The hospital staff was wonderful, attentive and caring to the needs of their patients. Great work."- June 2015

"The nursing staff was wonderful, helpful and kind. I truly appreciate all of their  help on the day of my surgery".- May 2015

 "The ladies in surgery took great care of me, they are really caring and professional thank you so much". - May 2015

"Best Hospital and ER facility I have ever been to in my 65 years. Nurses and Dr. were exceptional".- May 2015

"Everyone I dealt with was very good to me. I felt extremely well cared for and pampered the whole time. I am very grateful to all the staff. Their TLC was greatly appreciated. Thank you all!". - April 2015.

 " I had the best care for cataract service. I would recommend the Dr. and his operating room staff to anyone- Again thank you so much".-  April 2015

"Day Surgery made me feel at ease, they did an excellent job. May God Bless and Keep all of you". March 2015

"Best we have ever been around-wonderful personalities". March 2015.

" I was very pleased with the treatment and everyone was very courteous and helpful"- March 2015

"Straight 10 out of 10 for all!" The day surgery nurses were great. We'd come to OCMC again and again." -February 2015

"The hospital was so clean and things were fresh, the staff was really nice, they were very helpful'. -February 2015

"Everyone was very courteous the entire time. They make you feel like family. My nurse came in with a smile and was very friendly and helpful. I will recommend everyone to this hospital".- February 2015

" I was well treated by all hospital personnel that I had contact with". -January 2015

"I have never been in a nicer hospital. I am 81 years old."- November 2014

"The nurses were very attentive and kind."- October 2014

"Everyone treated me with upmost respect and care. I love our hospital." - October 2014

"The ER nurse was great with patients. She is an asset to your hospital!"- October 2014

"The ER nurse was very knowledgeable and extremely professional. She made my visit a joy despite why I was there!"- October 2014

"I would recommend anybody to Ouachita County Medical Center's Day Surgery."- October 2014

"Wonderful and caring staff, listened to all we had to say, and answered all questions." - October 2014

"The Day Surgery nurse was the greatest. She was so very loving, kind, and caring. Your hospital is very lucky to have a great nurse in Day Surgery and ICU." -September 2014

"[My ER nurse] was excellent. She was very patient with me. She even took the time to explain my condition. We need more nurses like her." - September 2014

"All the nurses and staff were so kind and had wonderful attitudes.  Thank you so much for such a pleasant experience in such an unpleasant situation."- September 2014

"Everyone in Day Surgery was so nice and concerned, down to [the anesthesiologist], who was very polite and calming. They all made my stay very relaxing and unafraid of the procedure I was about to have. Thank you all!!!"- September 2014

"[My nurse] is always the best when I'm in her care."- September 2014

"Day Surgery called and checked to see if I was doing okay. Thanks."- September 2014

"Great example of patient guest services at its best. Very polite. Instructions were clear. Big smiles." - September 2014

"Happy we have such a nice local hospital! Nursing and surgical staff were top notch." - August 2014

"My nurses were exceptional. Best service and most professional staff in Arkansas! Camden should be so proud!"- August 2014

"All of your staff were so respectful and courteous." - August 2014

"Service was very good, and the staff was so nice."- August 2014

"The entire staff was great. The nurse who gave me the shots was very professional. She knows how to treat her patients."- August 2014

"I was very impressed with the service I received."- August 2014

"Service was very good and staff was so nice."- August 2014

"What a God honoring service you provided that allowed mom to remain in her own home just as she wanted. I could not have done it without your support."- August 2014

""It was very quiet in surgery. That's what I liked most."- August 2014

"My ER nurse took exceptional care of me."- August 2014

"My ER nurses were awesome. My ER physician was wonderful!" - July 2014

"Keep doing what you're doing."- July 2014

"Very good service and courteous employees."- July 2014

"All of the staff was great." - July 2014

"Thank you to everyone that was involved in taking care of me. I was treated with respect and kindness by all. Once again, thank you!" - June 2014

"One of the best nurses in Arkansas works at the nurses station near the ICU unit.  She works very well with other visitors in the ICU waiting room." - June 2014

"I was treated with the most respect and loved all the nurses and anesthesiologists. Very sweet and courteous!! God is good!!"- June 2014

"Thank you for all of my cancer treatments and surgery over the past 2 years."- June 2014

"I have been in the Emergency Room several times. Each time, I had excellent service. The doctors are great."- June 2014

"Everyone was courteous and nice. Better than I expected. They were awesome."- June 2014

"Thank you to everyone that was involved in taking care of me. I was treated with respect and kindness by all. Once again, Thank you!"- June 2014

"All of the staff members were very concerned and helpful, and they were friendly. Thank you OCMC for a wonderful job."-May 2014

"Wonderful staff. Love OCMC!! So thankful for all of you!"- May 2014

"Very helpful."- May 2014

"I was very impressed with all segments of help and care. Thank you very much!"- May 2014

"A special thanks to the "A" Team. They all did a job well done."- May 2014

"Could not have asked for better treatment and service. Thank you." - May 2014

"Couldn't be better!" - April 2014

"ER Team went above and beyond our expectations!"- April 2014

"All the nurses were real nice!!!"- April 2014

"Excellent Service. Thanks for all your extra efforts in making sure it's all going to be fine.  God bless each and every one of you. Way to go on team effort."- April 2014

"This is my second surgery in my 37 years of living, and OCMC's whole staff treated me like family. May God bless you all!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." April 2014

"Everyone was nice."- April 2014

"Outstanding service, care and personnel." - April 2014

"Everyone is very friendly and nice. They're helpful and act like they are concerned with what they are required to do."- April 2014

"Love Ouachita County Medical Center. Staff are kind, caring and so is the physician." -April 2014

"RN nurse was exceptional, intelligent, informative, friendly, took the time to make procedures easy. What a jewel! Thank you." - April 2014

"The receptionist was really sweet and welcomed us throughout. Thank you!" [Day Surgery]- April 2014

"I could not have been treated any more kindly and thoughtfully anywhere.  I appreciate the professional care that I was given. Thanks." [Day Surgery]- March 2014

"My nurse was awesome. She knew and explained everything, checked in on a regular basis, and truly cared for well being." [ER]- March 2014

"Everyone was very nice to me, and they would explain in detail what they were going to do, so you would be comfortable. I was well pleased with the staff."- March 2014

"The nurse was very professional, compassionate, and concerned.  The ER physician was wonderful."- March 2014

"The Day Surgery team was outstanding in every way.  I was treated like a queen. They made it all so easy and relaxing. The doctors are number 1." - March 2014

"Very nice Day Surgery nurse. Keep up the good work because you are a very nice nurse and friend. You've been real nice to me.  Bless all the Day Surgery staff."- March 2014

"Excellent, caring staff. Very professional. I've never received better care! Of course, I love the staff... everyone!"- March 2014

"Thank you for everything you did."- March 2014

"The nurses were so kind and took great care of my son."- February 2014

"My nurse was an excellent nurse, very professional and kind. Thanks."- February 2014

"The ER doctor was great.  The nurses were great too." - February 2014

"My nurse was a good person. She was so nice to us." - January 2014

"I felt so at-ease.  Personnel was caring. I was blessed to have such good treatment. Thank you so much."- January 2014

"All went well with promptness.  I was extremely pleased with my attending nurse's aspect of her care." - January 2014

"The ER doctor did a wonderful job. The nurses in the ER did an awesome job taking care of my grandchild." - January 2014

"All of the nursing staff is greatly appreciated.  It was a pleasant experience." - January 2014

"Experience was outstanding." -January 2014

"Many thank yous for taking good care of me.  Excellent, caring, and professional staff.  Many thanks & God Bless You." - January 2014